Hall Of Fame Info

Halloffame The South African National Archery Association recognises that a great amount of outstanding voluntary effort goes into the development of the sport.
In order to provide public acknowledgement and recognition of the more outstanding roles of those who contribute towards development of archery in South Africa, the National Association has introduced the Archery Hall of Fame. Nominations All members may nominate two former SA archers who they believe have positively impacted and contributed to the development of archery in South Africa. A member may nominate one female athlete, one male athlete, a sports administrator and a technical official.

Athletes Nominees should have competed at professional International level. Nominees shall be considered for an award if they are retired for at least three years.

Technical Officials Nominees should be Sport leaders, managers, administrators, coaches, judges or technical officials who are either active or retired from the administration of sport. Nominees should have considerably contributed to the promotion and development of archery in SA through their career at provincial and national levels through their abilities to lead by example, their ethics and knowledge.

Selection Process A standing awards committee, consisting of not more than three members, appointed by the SANAA Executive, will evaluate the candidate(s). The role of the executive is to ensure that the committee is provided with sufficient information to enable the award to be fairly and efficiently administered. The standing committee consists of Mr Martin Trimmer, Mrs Myrna Newmark and Dr Nico Benade

Presentation The Association will, if possible, arrange for an award to be presented at a venue commensurate with the status of the award. It is the mission of The Archery Hall of Fame to honor those outstanding members of the archery community through the process of induction into its Hall of Fame. As an integral part of its existence, the Hall seeks to preserve the history and tradition of archery for future generations. To educate and inform those persons wishing to peruse their interest in archery, the Hall will act as a repository for memorabilia, literature and research material related to the sport of archery for the public to view and for scholars to utilize as a resource in researching the sport and industry of archery.

In 2011 the President announced the formation of the South African Hall of Fame. The committee to decide on the nominees was established. The committee comprised of Dr Nico Benade, Myrna Newmark and Martin Trimmer. They debated the nominations of over 15 archers and administrators for some four months and, in common, finally agreed on one person. Members nominated former SA archers who they believe have positively impacted and contributed to the development of archery in South Africa.