Give it a Go

The SouGiveitagoth African National Archery Association constantly reviews its development program and after the hosting of the National Archery Day in eight provinces in December 2010, it became clear that there needs to be an introduction to archery before beginning the Arrows and Feathers (F&A) Program.

The Feathers and Arrows program is designed to be the basis of learning archery over a 3-24 month period, going through the various levels and stages until the archer reaches tournament stage. It offers a number of awards, including the FITA Arrows and Feathers pins.

However, after some 500 budding archers tried the sport on National Archery day, it became clear that what was needed was a program which could be used at schools, clubs and recreation events which could be covered in just a few hours.

That led to the development of the Give-it-a-Go program and the production of the Give-it-a-Go booklet.

Essentially the Give-it-a-Go program is the first step in the process of introducing people to archery. The courses can be as short as 2 hours such as in a school or camp environment or as involved as a 3 to 6 week course which is usually conducted by clubs.

A number of experts were involved in the content of the booklet, including contributions by the development officer Alan Weyers and FITA Judge Emeritus and Level III FITA Coach, Professor Konrad van Warmelo.

The Give-it-a-Go program handbook is intended to be printed support for the practical element of the course and to assist coaches by providing printed material supported by the World Archery method of coaching.

The Give-it-a-Go program handbook can be purchased direct from SANAA office at a very reasonable cost and can be ordered on line on the SANAA Shop.

A PDF version can also be downloaded from our website.

All Instructors and Coaches are familiar with the Give-it-a-Go program which is the official starter guide of the federation.