Tokyo Olympics 2020

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Tokyo Olympics 2020

SANAA  recently supported the call from SA Gymnastics for a special general meeting with SASCOC to discuss Tokyo and the selection process.

After almost a whole day of  discussions that took place at SASCOC House on Friday 22nd November the following was agreed to by SASCOC and the Olympic Sports Federations and the following resolutions were passed unanimously by the Olympic Federations on the 23rd of November:

Team criteria & selection process for the 2020 Olympic Games:

Each National Federation will provide SASCOC staff with the selection criteria for 2020 Olympic Games whose minimum standard is the International Federation criteria.   The net effect of this will be that the staff of SASCOC will enter athletes / teams into the 2020 Olympic Games as per the instructions of the member Olympic Federations in compliance with the criteria set by the National Federation.

Team South Africa Financial Policy for the Olympic games:

It was proposed that if SASCOC cannot raise the funding to send all athletes, coaches, medical team and support staff that qualify for the Olympics that this should not prohibit their participation.    All federations wishing to send participants to the Olympic games may be required to make a financial contribution towards the costs with the proviso that includes:

  • The full funding situation must be presented to all Olympic Member Federations
  • No individual athlete be taxed in any way to attend the Olympics – i.e. there can be no form of economic discrimination whatsoever
  • All agreed transformation targets must be met.

What does this mean?

Every single Olympic Federation who is a member of SASCOC, whether the agreement with SASCOC was signed or not , may now revisit their criteria, align themselves with the criteria set by their international federation and inform the staff of SASCOC to enter their athletes.     Previously the lack of funds was an “excuse” to not send athletes.


We are in the “fortunate” position that we still have ONE opportunity to qualify for both the Olympics and Paralympics – i.e. 

World Cup – Stage 3 in Berlin :  21 > 28 June 2020
Para archery qualifier in  Czechoslovakia: 15 > 21 June 2020

 A letter has been sent to SASCOC asking them to confirm that should we secure a slot at these events that  they will accept the result.    There of course is the added proviso that we meet the scores as laid down by World Archery.